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Save money hack #1: Take back control with packages

10th January 2017

Save money hack #1: Take back control with packages

How is your New Year’s resolution going? Perhaps you’ve joined the gym or thrown your cigarettes off a bridge – congratulations if so but if you’ve chosen to tighten the purse strings, you could be in for a tough fortnight.

By Ryan Shoesmith

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If you’re in charge of a budget at work, packages are a way for you to pay less and get the best deals.

Research suggests that saving money is one of the most challenging resolutions to accomplish and ahead of the lurking uncertainty of Brexit, due to be triggered in April, CEOs are keeping a closer eye on meetings and events spending than ever before.

If you’re in charge of a budget at work, packages are a way for you to pay less and get the best deals.

What is a package?

A package, commonly referred to as DDR (Daily Delegate Rate) is a special deal offered by venues that includes room hire, food and beverage and equipment in a convenient bundle. Charged at a fixed price per delegate, DDR is popular in both America and Europe because it allows those booking meetings and events to save time and money. 

Rather than calling around for a venue and then organising catering, booking your equipment externally and tying up any loose ends one by one, you can use Spacily to take your booking from start to finish in one place. In an age where time is so precious, DDR gives control back to those looking for meetings and event space. 

Friendly competition between venues

DDR packages are cheaper, but there is no catch. To understand why, it is worth considering things from a venues perspective. Offering multiple services together in one package means lower and more competitive rates as venues wrestle to secure new business and fill empty rooms. DDR is used as a yardstick and venues are forced to show their hand meaning that the price they offer is their very best.

To put it simply, the competitive nature of DDR means that customers often pay less.

You can only use packages on Spacily

As the only online marketplace that has successfully automated DDR online to help you pay less, Spacily is a first for the meetings and events industry. Nowhere else would you be able to book DDR entirely online but over 20% of our venues on Spacily offer packages which you can instantly request to book. To get our deals, simply sign in to your account, filter your search by DDR only and select your food, beverages and equipment.

Get a £20 gift voucher when you first book

As well as making significant savings using DDR, for a limited time only, Spacily are giving first time bookers a £20 Amazon voucher to use during the January sales. With package deals and special offers, perhaps 2017 will be the year when you achieve your New Year’s resolution of saving more money.

Want to know more about DDR packages?

Next week, we’ll educate you about the current trends that have led to DDR becoming more profound within the meetings and events industry.

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