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Meeting space myths

11th May 2016

Meeting space myths

Hike along the River Thames from Twickenham to Canary Wharf, cycle through the misty countryside from Brixton to Brighton, or get on a plane from Gatwick Airport to the Greek Islands. When you use five hours to get somewhere, it feels good.

By Ryan Shoesmith

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Looking for a meeting room has become a lot like searching for a flat in London – a joy to which many of us have owed the pleasure.

Why is it accepted, then, that when booking a meeting space, large amounts of time need to be invested and we often get nowhere?

Excuse me Sandra I just painted this wall. Come with me and watch it dry, you can search for rooms later. After all, such a tedious task would at least allow us to see the fruits of my labour.

Our perception is that organising a meeting is supposed to be unenjoyable, that it is supposed to take about five hours and cause your blood pressure to go up – a myth which is about to get busted.

The sharing economy has given rise to a number of technology companies allowing people to capitalise on their unused assets such as skills and property. Average drivers are now independent taxis, working class homeowners are becoming hoteliers and booking platforms are providing venues with an online outlet for their meeting rooms.

Add to this the spike in available spaces post the recession and looking for a meeting room has become a lot like searching for a flat in London – a joy to which many of us have owed the pleasure. There are thousands of places to choose from, but the majority are unfit for purpose.

Indeed, rather than listing every room within the M25, regardless of its unique atmosphere and feel, the need for a website that carefully aggregates lots of data depending on its customers’ bespoke requirements is clear. Enter Spacily.

We are discerning. The nicest venues have been carefully crafted, they are both functional and comfortable. We seek out those spaces so you can experience them.

Contacting venues individually is a soul-destroying, schedule-wrecking task. Spacily allows you to discover meeting rooms and book them online without the traditional hassle of making numerous phone calls and we never charge more than if you went direct.

Did you know, there were an estimated 1.28 million business events in the UK last year? I writhe at this statistic. The arrangement time needlessly invested, the money wasted, the pain.

An experienced London PA, earning £32,500 each year, could use our platform to save five hours per booking, equating to 12.5 per cent of their annual salary. In monetary terms, that is more than £4,000.

With so much spare time, you could improve your coffee intake by three cups per day.

I jest. However, there are improvements to be made to Spacily because we are always listening and learning. As our space connoisseurs hand-pick more of the best hotels, private members’ clubs and commercial offices that London has to offer, our inventory of mid to high-end venues will be growing over the coming months.

Analysts are predicting that the new sharing economy will continue to gather momentum, too, as it is such a progressive way of thinking yet, for some reason, booking a meeting remains archaic in comparison to related services industries such as flight and hotel reservations.

In an era where the technology to help event planners is already in place, this is ludicrous. Booking a meeting need not be a stressful chore, it should be a positive experience.

Spacily are pioneering an efficient way of working so stop watching that paint dry, Sandra, take a break, and let’s find some distinctive new spaces.