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London’s top breakfast meeting & event venues

28th February 2017

London’s top breakfast meeting & event venues

Skipping breakfast and turning up to work on an empty stomach is never advisable.

By Ryan Shoesmith

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When your colleagues ask what you had for breakfast, maybe it’s best to leave out the moscato part.

If you’ve fallen foul of this mistake, you’ll know that keeping concentration levels high becomes difficult.

Experts agree that hunger is one of the main ways hard work manifests itself so eating in the mornings is key, but who has the best menu this pancake day?

Here’s our guide to the best breakfast meeting and event venues in London.

Hotel Café Royal – Soho

A look through the archives reveals a whole roster of influential people who have attended events at Hotel Café Royal, including Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill and David Bowie.

The list continues in a royal vein, Edward VIII and George VI have dined here too and the hotel’s offering this pancake day is undoubtedly fit for a king.

Delegates can pick between two decadent savoury dishes; pancakes with a rich lobster filling with truffle and spinach, or smoked aubergine with sweet tomato and red onion.

For those with a sweet tooth, how does a deliciously light and elegant vanilla crêpe with salted caramel ganache and sweet vanilla ice cream sound?

Available 28 February 2017 from £7 per person for vanilla crêpes or £12 for lobster crêpes.

K+K Hotel George – Kensington

When the team at K+K Hotel George extended Shrove Tuesday to be one week long they flipped pancake day on its head.

Those attending breakfast meetings and events here are invited to join in the seven-day fiesta with offerings including delectable buttermilk double blueberry pancakes topped with fresh blueberry compote and whipped cream, and rich chocolate filled pancakes with fine powdered sugar.

If that’s not enough to warm your soul, weather permitting, breakfast can be served in the hotel’s award-winning garden allowing delegates to soak up some much needed spring sunshine.

Available 27 February – 5 March 2017 for £8 per person. Cost of full English breakfast buffet including pancakes is £12.50. 

Theo`s Simple Italian – Hotel Indigo London Kensington

The whole ethos of Hotel Indigo is centred around providing guests with authentic local experiences to the point where you can taste the local flavours in the menu and, true to form, their pancake recipe delivers something completely unique.

Get stuck into the day with thick cooked pancakes and crème diplomat, layered with ripe poached plums, vanilla and moscato and a melt in the mouth almond croquante.

When your colleagues ask what you had for breakfast, maybe it’s best to leave out the moscato part.

Available 28 February 2017 from £6.95 per person. Delegates can add coffee for an additional £1 or a glass of prosecco for £4.

DoubleTree Hilton London – Greenwich

Formerly a police section house, RIBA awarded this landmark hotel a medal in 1946 and they might be compelled to award another on Shrove Tuesday.

In a delicious fusion of sweet and savoury, the chefs have constructed a roasted butternut squash crêpe with goat’s cheese insulation and a honey comb rendering which could pass as an architectural masterpiece.

If you’re more of a refined character and you want your fellow delegates to know it, try the old-fashioned of the pancake world in DoubleTree’s crêpe suzette.

From the elaborate to the understated and everything in between, there’s a vegan tomato and mushroom option too.

Available 28 February 2017 from £7 per person for three pancakes or £12 with a glass of prosecco.

The Arch London – Marble Arch

The head chef at this boutique hotel wants to ensure Shrove Tuesday day isn’t a flop.

A true enthusiast, Gary Durrant insists on serving authentic Canadian pancakes with wild berries or crispy bacon and sticky maple syrup all year round and, as a special pancake day treat, he’s giving delegates free pancakes with breakfast.

The accomplished chef is also keen to impart his wisdom – the golden rule is to ignore the timer. When tiny bubbles begin to appear on top of the pancake you’ll know it’s time to flip.

Available 28 February 2017 complimentary with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cost of Canadian pancakes on permanent menu is £10 per person.

Sofitel London – St James

This neoclassical hotel is surrounded by over 150 beautiful listed properties but simply follow your nose on Shrove Tuesday and you’ll end up in the right place.

That’s because Sofitel are installing a pop-up pancake station in their lobby to allure delegates.

Pick your filling; with bitter and sweet compotes and jams to choose from all served in an elegant setting with black and white marble floors and large windows, you’ll feel as if you’ve stumbled across pancake heaven. 

If you’re still not satiated, hide away from your colleagues behind double-height silk curtains in the hotel’s Balcon Restaurant, where pancakes are on offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Available 28 February 2017 from £6 per person or complementary with English and continental breakfasts. Pancakes in the lobby are complementary for delegates checking in.