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The 2017 meeting & event essentials

21st February 2017

The 2017 meeting & event essentials

If the following phrase sounds familiar, you’re in the right place... ‘Bugger, my phone’s died.’

By Ryan Shoesmith

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If you find yourself recoiling in horror then please, for the good of the office, spend your £50 Spacily gift voucher on these.

No matter how many hours you’ve put in at the office, how many promotions you’ve earned, or how many people you had to tread on to get to where you are, nobody is invulnerable to a dead phone battery.

There is an antidote though, a simple backstop that has been a game-changer for me since I bought it and, with only seven days left to get your £50 gift voucher with Spacily, this is your chance to safeguard yourself on us.

Don’t let ‘bugger, my phone’s died’ be the catchphrase of London. Here are five meeting and event essentials you can buy with your £50 Amazon gift voucher.

1. Portable charger (Anker Astro E5)

Market intelligence company Markets and Markets have predicted that the portable charging industry will be worth $17.8bn by 2020.

Your little slice of the action could come in the form of the Anker Astro E5, a charger no bigger than a chocolate bar that packs enough punch to power my iPhone 5 from 0 to 100 about six times.

I swear by this portable charger to the point that I think it should be a required carry for everybody involved in meetings and events. Last year, I bought it as a birthday present for a colleague and she hasn’t stopped calling me since.

This indispensable ‘get out of jail’ card won’t set you back too much either. 

Cost: £27.99
Change: £32.01


2. Notebook (Leuchtturm 1917)

This might be the age of technology but, like many other delegates at meetings and events, there’s something about using good old fashioned pen and paper that still does it for me. 

For the other paper purists out there, we could be on to something. A Princeton University study recently discovered that when you use a laptop to take notes, you don’t absorb new materials as well because typing encourages mindless transcription. 

Whether you’re fed up of looking at a screen or are a traditionalist after a thrill, your £50 Spacily gift voucher more than covers the cost of this stunning Letchtturm notebook, available in a range of colours and with plain, dotted, ruled or squared paper.

Cost: £12.99
Change: £37.01


3. Inverted umbrella (Tooge)

The need for protection from the rain when travelling to and from meetings and events in London is clear, but the world of the humble umbrella was turned on its head in 2014 when Hertfordshire designer, Jenan Kazim designed one that folds inwards.

The idea is to stop water from dripping on the floor and make getting in and out of doors easier, but surely the best thing about this accessorily is that it’s an excellent conversation starter when meeting fellow delegates.

Cost: £17.99
Change: £32.01


4. Power blender (Salter NutriPro)

We can’t all be morning people. If you’re like me and you need all the help you can get when you first wake up, I would strongly recommend adding smoothies to your pre-work routine.

The best tactic is to chop up fruit a couple of weeks in advance and freeze individual goody bags which you can quickly blitz before you leave for your morning meeting. 

The winner of BBC2’s What to Buy and Why’s best blender makes light work of frozen food and the hit of nutrition provided by concentrated fruit means you’ll leave coffee drinkers in your wake.

Cost: £41.99
Change: £8.01


5. Oral care strips (Listerine)

You’ve finished your morning smoothie, you’re feeling energetic, but the last thing you want is for your breath to smell of kale for the rest of the day, particularly if you have important meetings.

According to Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, a whopping 95% of us experience bad breath at some point in our lives and the dental experts at Listerine have questioned whether halitosis could lead to making a poor first impression on new bosses or even alter the course of your career. 

Lick your wrist, let it dry for a few seconds and then smell. If you find yourself recoiling in horror then please, for the good of the office, spend your £50 Spacily gift voucher on these Listerine strips which kill 99% of bad breath germs.

Cost: £4.99
Change: £45.71